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WA Landgate - Public - Property and Planning - DBCA - Lands of Interest (DBCA-012)

The Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions (DBCA) - Lands of Interest data set, shows all other lands to which DBCA is recognised as the manager, but which are not vested under any Act that is administered by DBCA. These lands comprise of Crown land and Freehold land which DBCA has been acknowledged by the Department of Lands as the responsible agency.

Examples include: * UCL as a result of pastoral lease purchases, * UCL resulting from the 2015 pastoral lease renewal program, * Freehold land purchases arranged by the department for future conservation reserve creation and held by the State of WA, * Other UCL identified by the Department of Lands for future inclusion in the CALM act tenures * Some unvested Crown reserves where DBCA have been recorded as the responsible agency and are in transition to being vested in the Conservation and Parks Commission.

This dataset is a July 2017 extract from the SCDB with approved enhancements and updates from the GIS Branch where required.

Note that this layer, together with the DBCA - Legislated Lands and Waters data set, replace the DPaW Managed Lands and Waters data set. Both data sets are required to get the same scope/information as the old data set. Tenure is a dynamic dataset - for enquiries regard current tenure status please contact the DBCA - Land Services Co-ordinator/Policy and Planning/Land Unit - 9219 8771.

For more information please visit WA Government Data Portal:

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