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WA Landgate - Public - Property and Planning - Public Access Ways (LGATE-080)

Lot boundaries from Landgate cadastre identified as Public Access Ways (PAW) and coming under the definition and purpose of the Office of Crime Prevention (OCP). PAWs are defined by the OCP as physical elements of the walking network used in a suburb, aside other features such as road and street footpaths, lanes, public open space, beaches, and pseudo-public spaces such as shops, rail and bus stations. PAWs are created pursuant to Section 152 of the Planning and Dev't Act 2005 and Section 20A of the former Town Planning and Dev't Act 1928.

NOTE: Information contained in this dataset is for informational purposes only and should not be relied upon or referred to for legal purposes. Original survey documentation should be referred to for all legal purposes.

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Attribution Landgate, (2018): WA Landgate - Public - Property and Planning - Public Access Ways (LGATE-080); accessed from AURIN on [date of access].
Coordinate Ref. System EPSG:4283 (GDA_1994)
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spatial {"type": "Polygon", "coordinates": [[[113.54, -35.09], [128.73, -35.09], [128.73, -15.73], [113.54, -15.73], [113.54, -35.09]]]}