Metro ARIA - Australian Capital City Urban Centres (SA1) 2014

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The Metro ARIA dataset provides six indices to comparatively evaluate metropolitan accessibility both within and across all Australian Capital Cities. The indices reflect the ease or difficulty people face accessing basic services within metropolitan areas, and is based on the measurement of road distances people travel to reach different services.

Metro ARIA is a composite index which combines accessibility measures for five different service themes: (1) Education; (2) Health; (3) Shopping; (4) Public Transport; and (5) Financial/Postal services.

Metro ARIA and each of the service theme sub-indices have been calculated at SA1 level and classified into five accessibility levels graded from low to high, a numeric and text description of each class is included, and are available for viewing and analysis within the AURIN portal.

Metro ARIA is based on the Accessibility/ Remoteness Index of Australia (ARIA) methodology which focuses on quantifying remoteness in non-metropolitan areas. ARIA+ is widely accepted as Australia's most authoritative geographic measure of remoteness, used by the Australian Bureau of Statistics for the Remoteness Area classification since 2001.

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Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) 2011 SA1 for capital city 2011 Urban Centres.

For more information about Metro ARIA see: Metro ARIA is created by the Hugo Centre for Population and Migration Studies at the University of Adelaide.


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Attribution University of Adelaide - Hugo Centre for Migration and Population Research, (2015): Metro ARIA - Australian Capital City Urban Centres (SA1) 2014; accessed from AURIN on [date of access].<br><br>Metro ARIA is a research only dataset as per the data license information. The following data sources have been used to calculate Metro ARIA, including the five service theme indices of: Education, Financial/Postal, Health, Public Transport, and Shopping. Please reference the Hugo Centre for Migration and Population Research, University of Adelaide when using Metro ARIA data.<br><br>Education Service Theme:<br><ul><li>Australian Curriculum Assessment and Reporting Authority (2014): Primary & Secondary Schools.</li><li>TAFE Directors Australia (2015): TAFE</li><li>Universities Australia (2014): University</li></ul><br>Health Service Theme:<br><ul><li>Department of Health (2014): Hospitals All & Hospitals Major</li><li>Healthdirect Australia (2014): General Practitioners</li></ul><br>Shopping Service Theme:<br><ul><li>Hugo Centre for Migration and Population Research (2015): CBD</li><li>Pitney Bowes (2015): Major Shopping, Shopping Centres & Supermarkets</li></ul><br>Public Transport Service Theme:<br><ul><li>Australian State and Territory Governments (2014): Bus, Train, Tram & Ferry</li></ul><br>Financial/Postal Service Theme:<br><ul><li>Hugo Centre for Migration and Population Research (2015): Banks (ANZ, Commonwealth Bank, NAB, Westpac).</li><li>Australia Post (2014): Postal</li></ul><br>Supplementary Data:<br><ul><li>Australian Bureau of Statistics (2011): Australian Statistical Geography Standard, Statistical Area 1 boundaries.</li><li>PSMA Australia Limited (2014): Australian Road Network.</li><li>PSMA Australia Limited (2014): Digital Property Cadastre.</li></ul>
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