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UNSW CFRC - Citizen Science Urban Microclimate Sydney & Brisbane (Point) 2019

This dataset presents the location of points representing climate data collected by local citizens using portable handheld wireless sensors. The climate data was collected over two-hour sessions, at selected locations in Sydney and Brisbane. The data is produced under the Citizen Science Urban Microclimate Project which measures temperature, humidity, wind, solar radiation and other weather parameters.

The Citizen Science Urban Microclimate Project aims to educate citizens about the factors influencing outdoor microclimate, assisting them in understanding, mitigating and adapting to extreme heat and local climate change.

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Please note:

  • Time of day was not recorded for some readings. These readings have been set arbitrarily to 12 noon local time with a time precision (Time_Prec) of "DAY".

  • The preferred citation for the data: P. Rajagopalan M.M. Andamon R. Paolini M. Santamouris (2019): City Futures Research Centre.

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Attribute List Air Temperature (Degrees Celsius), Council, Date Time, Dry Grass, Geometry, Globe Temperature (Degrees Celsius), Grass Sun, Grass Temperature (Degrees Celsius), Notes, Pavement Light, Pavement Sun, Pavement Temperature (Degrees Celsius), Relative Humidity (%), Site Description, State, Street Surface Light, Street Surface Sun, Street Surface Temperature, Temperature Difference (Degrees Celsius), Time Precision, Timezone Offset, Wind Speed (m/s)
Attribution University of New South Wales - City Futures Research Centre, (2019): UNSW CFRC - Citizen Science Urban Microclimate Sydney & Brisbane (Point) 2019; accessed from AURIN on [date of access].
Coordinate Ref. System EPSG:4283 (GDA_1994)
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spatial {"type": "Polygon", "coordinates": [[[150.32, -34.49], [153.79, -34.49], [153.79, -26.96], [150.32, -26.96], [150.32, -34.49]]]}