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VicHealth - Subjective Well-being (Range 0-100) (SLA) 2011

Wellbeing is measured using the Australian Unity Personal Wellbeing Index. The Index includes seven domains: standard of living; health; achievements in life; community connection; personal relationships; safety; and future security. The average score of all seven domains is combined into a Personal Wellbeing Index score and converted into a scale maximum score with a range of 0 (completely dissatisfied)-100 (completely satisfied). Normative data from the Australian Unity Wellbeing Index indicates that the average Personal Wellbeing Index for Australians is approximately 75. This data is presented by 2006 Statistical Local Area boundaries.

A small number of survey respondents (5.1% of the weighted survey estimates across Victoria) didn't know or refused to answer at least one of the applicable survey questions. These respondents have been excluded from the data analysis.

Survey Questions: Thinking about your own life and your personal circumstances, how satisfied are you with your life as a whole? Please use a scale from 0-10, where 0 is completely dissatisfied and 10 is completely satisfied. Turning now to various areas of your life... How satisfied are you with your standard of living?

Source of Question: Australian Unity Wellbeing Index.For more information please read the VicHealth Indicator Survey 2011 Selected Findings:

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