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AURIN: Quality Data for World-Class Research

AURIN supports world-class research that addresses key challenges associated with urban and regional research, planning and infrastructure.

Researchers across Australia are using the AURIN Workbench, Australia’s single largest resource for accessing clean, integrated, spatially enabled and research-ready data on issues surrounding health and wellbeing, socio-economic metrics, transportation, and land-use; then using a range of powerful analytical tools in our AURIN Portal, designed by experts for the spatial research community. These tools enable a range of possible analyses such as neighbourhood walkability, spatial clustering, data manipulation and statistical analysis.

The AURIN Workbench is a secure and powerful online environment that allows all levels of government, academia and researchers to access, analyse and visualise quality data and generate meaningful knowledge to enhance research outcomes and knowledge about cities, regions and urban infrastructure.

AURIN is funded by NCRIS, a national network of world-class research infrastructure projects that support high-quality research that will drive greater innovation in the Australian research sector and the economy more broadly. AURIN collaborates 100 institutions and data providers, forming a network of urban, data and infrastructure experts Australia wide.

So dive in! Browse our data, access the workbench and join Australia’s leading network of spatial data and expertise.