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ABS Census - C31 Monthly Mortgages ($) (CD) 1981

The 1981 Census Collection District Summary File (CDSF) presents summary characteristics of persons and their dwellings for every Collection District (CD) in Australia for 1981. The census information is made up of 34 tables giving data for both persons and dwellings.

This table contains data on monthly mortgage payments. Census counts were based on place of enumeration on census night which; includes overseas visitors; excludes Australians overseas; and excludes adjustment for under-enumeration. The data is by Census Collection District 1981 boundaries. Periodicity: 5-Yearly.

This data is ABS data (cat. no. 2103.0 & original geographic boundary cat. no. 1261.0.30.001) used with permission from the Australian Bureau of Statistics. The tabular data was processed and supplied to AURIN by the Australian Data Archives. The cleaned, high resolution 1981 geographic boundaries are available from

For more information please refer to "Making Sense of Census 1981":$File/21400_1981_Making_Sense_of_Census.pdf.

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Attribute List 1-24 No. of H/Holds, 1-24 No. of Persons, 100-124 No. of H/Holds, 100-124 No. of Persons, 125-149 No. of H/Holds, 125-149 No. of Persons, 150-174 No. of H/Holds, 150-174 No. of Persons, 175-199 No. of H/Holds, 175-199 No. of Persons, 200-224 No. of H/Holds, 200-224 No. of Persons, 225-249 No. of H/Holds, 225-249 No. of Persons, 25-49 No. of H/Holds, 25-49 No. of Persons, 250-274 No. of H/Holds, 250-274 No. of Persons, 275-299 No. of H/Holds, 275-299 No. of Persons, 300-324 No. of H/Holds, 300-324 No. of Persons, 325-349 No. of H/Holds, 325-349 No. of Persons, 350-374 No. of H/Holds, 350-374 No. of Persons, 375-398 No. of H/Holds, 375-398 No. of Persons, 399+ No. of H/Holds, 399+ No. of Persons, 50-74 No. of H/Holds, 50-74 No. of Persons, 75-99 No. of H/Holds, 75-99 No. of Persons, Collection District code, Geometry Field, Not Stated No. of H/Holds, Not Stated No. of Persons
Attribution Government of the Commonwealth of Australia - Australian Bureau of Statistics, (1981): ABS Census - C31 Monthly Mortgages ($) (CD) 1981; accessed from AURIN on [date of access].
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