SA2-G05 Registered Marital Status by Age by Sex-Census 2016

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SA2 based data for Registered Marital Status by Age by Sex, in General Community Profile (GCP), 2016 Census. Count of persons aged 15 years and over, in the following categories: married, separated, divorced, widowed, and never been married. The counts exclude de facto marriages. The data is by SA2 2016 boundaries. Periodicity: 5-Yearly. Note: There are small random adjustments made to all cell values to protect the confidentiality of data. These adjustments may cause the sum of rows or columns to differ by small amounts from table totals. For more information visit the data source:


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Last Updated June 28, 2023, 06:49 (UTC)
Created June 28, 2023, 06:49 (UTC)
ADP ID datasource-AU_Govt_ABS_Census-UoM_AURIN_DB_2:sa2_g05_registered_marital_status_by_age_by_sex_census_2016
Access Level Open Access
Aggregation Level sa2_2016
Attribute List Females 15-19 years Divorced, Females 15-19 years Married, Females 15-19 years Never Married, Females 15-19 years Separated, Females 15-19 years Total, Females 15-19 years Widowed, Females 20-24 years Divorced, Females 20-24 years Married, Females 20-24 years Never Married, Females 20-24 years Separated, Females 20-24 years Total, Females 20-24 years Widowed, Females 25-34 years Divorced, Females 25-34 years Married, Females 25-34 years Never Married, Females 25-34 years Separated, Females 25-34 years Total, Females 25-34 years Widowed, Females 35-44 years Divorced, Females 35-44 years Married, Females 35-44 years Never Married, Females 35-44 years Separated, Females 35-44 years Total, Females 35-44 years Widowed, Females 45-54 years Divorced, Females 45-54 years Married, Females 45-54 years Never Married, Females 45-54 years Separated, Females 45-54 years Total, Females 45-54 years Widowed, Females 55-64 years Divorced, Females 55-64 years Married, Females 55-64 years Never Married, Females 55-64 years Separated, Females 55-64 years Total, Females 55-64 years Widowed, Females 65-74 years Divorced, Females 65-74 years Married, Females 65-74 years Never Married, Females 65-74 years Separated, Females 65-74 years Total, Females 65-74 years Widowed, Females 75-84 years Divorced, Females 75-84 years Married, Females 75-84 years Never Married, Females 75-84 years Separated, Females 75-84 years Total, Females 75-84 years Widowed, Females 85 years and over Divorced, Females 85 years and over Married, Females 85 years and over Never Married, Females 85 years and over Separated, Females 85 years and over Total, Females 85 years and over Widowed, Females Total Divorced, Females Total Married, Females Total Never Married, Females Total Separated, Females Total Total, Females Total Widowed, Geometry Field, Males 15-19 years Divorced, Males 15-19 years Married, Males 15-19 years Never Married, Males 15-19 years Separated, Males 15-19 years Total, Males 15-19 years Widowed, Males 20-24 years Divorced, Males 20-24 years Married, Males 20-24 years Never Married, Males 20-24 years Separated, Males 20-24 years Total, Males 20-24 years Widowed, Males 25-34 years Divorced, Males 25-34 years Married, Males 25-34 years Never Married, Males 25-34 years Separated, Males 25-34 years Total, Males 25-34 years Widowed, Males 35-44 years Divorced, Males 35-44 years Married, Males 35-44 years Never Married, Males 35-44 years Separated, Males 35-44 years Total, Males 35-44 years Widowed, Males 45-54 years Divorced, Males 45-54 years Married, Males 45-54 years Never Married, Males 45-54 years Separated, Males 45-54 years Total, Males 45-54 years Widowed, Males 55-64 years Divorced, Males 55-64 years Married, Males 55-64 years Never Married, Males 55-64 years Separated, Males 55-64 years Total, Males 55-64 years Widowed, Males 65-74 years Divorced, Males 65-74 years Married, Males 65-74 years Never Married, Males 65-74 years Separated, Males 65-74 years Total, Males 65-74 years Widowed, Males 75-84 years Divorced, Males 75-84 years Married, Males 75-84 years Never Married, Males 75-84 years Separated, Males 75-84 years Total, Males 75-84 years Widowed, Males 85 years and over Divorced, Males 85 years and over Married, Males 85 years and over Never Married, Males 85 years and over Separated, Males 85 years and over Total, Males 85 years and over Widowed, Males Total Divorced, Males Total Married, Males Total Never Married, Males Total Separated, Males Total Total, Males Total Widowed, Persons 15-19 years Divorced, Persons 15-19 years Married, Persons 15-19 years Never Married, Persons 15-19 years Separated, Persons 15-19 years Total, Persons 15-19 years Widowed, Persons 20-24 years Divorced, Persons 20-24 years Married, Persons 20-24 years Never Married, Persons 20-24 years Separated, Persons 20-24 years Total, Persons 20-24 years Widowed, Persons 25-34 years Divorced, Persons 25-34 years Married, Persons 25-34 years Never Married, Persons 25-34 years Separated, Persons 25-34 years Total, Persons 25-34 years Widowed, Persons 35-44 years Divorced, Persons 35-44 years Married, Persons 35-44 years Never Married, Persons 35-44 years Separated, Persons 35-44 years Total, Persons 35-44 years Widowed, Persons 45-54 years Divorced, Persons 45-54 years Married, Persons 45-54 years Never Married, Persons 45-54 years Separated, Persons 45-54 years Total, Persons 45-54 years Widowed, Persons 55-64 years Divorced, Persons 55-64 years Married, Persons 55-64 years Never Married, Persons 55-64 years Separated, Persons 55-64 years Total, Persons 55-64 years Widowed, Persons 65-74 years Divorced, Persons 65-74 years Married, Persons 65-74 years Never Married, Persons 65-74 years Separated, Persons 65-74 years Total, Persons 65-74 years Widowed, Persons 75-84 years Divorced, Persons 75-84 years Married, Persons 75-84 years Never Married, Persons 75-84 years Separated, Persons 75-84 years Total, Persons 75-84 years Widowed, Persons 85 years and over Divorced, Persons 85 years and over Married, Persons 85 years and over Never Married, Persons 85 years and over Separated, Persons 85 years and over Total, Persons 85 years and over Widowed, Persons Total Divorced, Persons Total Married, Persons Total Never Married, Persons Total Separated, Persons Total Total, Persons Total Widowed, SA2 Code 2016, SA2 Name 2016
Attribution Government of the Commonwealth of Australia - Australian Bureau of Statistics, (2017): SA2-G05 Registered Marital Status by Age by Sex-Census 2016; accessed from AURIN on [date of access].
Coordinate Ref. System EPSG:4283 (GDA_1994)
Copyright Notice © Government of the Commonwealth of Australia - Australian Bureau of Statistics 2017
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spatial {"type": "Polygon", "coordinates": [[[96.82, -43.74], [159.11, -43.74], [159.11, -9.14], [96.82, -9.14], [96.82, -43.74]]]}