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Government Spending on World Heritage Sites 2011-2016

This dataset contains Spatial data of the boundaries of Australia's declared World Heritage properties as at 30/06/2016. In combination with the location of these sites, the Commonwealth funding for the management of World Heritage properties for 2011/12 - 2015/16 has been attached to each site. Where a heritage site is recorded more than once in the data, the funding value has been duplicated in all identically named fields. In the case of Australian convict sites the dollar value for funding of all Australian convict sites combined has been used and is replicated across each separate site locality and the values should not be treated as funding only for specific site locations as is the case for the two Australian Fossil Mammal Sites.

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Australian Government Data Portal-funding data: Australian Government Data Portal-spatial boundaries:

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AURIN Open API ID aurin:datasource-AU_Govt_DEE-UoM_AURIN_DB_world_heritage_spending_2016
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Attribute List 2011-2012 Commonwealth Funding (millions), 2012-2013 Commonwealth Funding (millions), 2013-2014 Commonwealth Funding (millions), 2014-2015 Commonwealth Funding (millions), 2015-2016 Commonwealth Funding (millions), Address, Biogeographic Province, Cultural Criteria Met, File, Geometry field, Hectares, IUCN Management Category, Inscribed, Name, Natural Criteria Met., Object ID, Place ID, Shape Area, Shape length, Source, State, Status
Attribution Government of the Commonwealth of Australia - Department of the Environment and Energy, (2018): Government Spending on World Heritage Sites 2011-2016; accessed from AURIN on [date of access].
Coordinate Ref. System EPSG:4283 (GDA_1994)
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spatial {"type": "Polygon", "coordinates": [[[96.82, -43.74], [159.11, -43.74], [159.11, -9.14], [96.82, -9.14], [96.82, -43.74]]]}