AusPollen - Weekly Pollen Count - Campbelltown, New South Wales (Point) July 2016 - June 2020

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The data set contains airborne pollen concentrations (grains per cubic meter) from samples taken at Campbelltown site, New South Wales, Australia (-34.0721, 150.8056) between July 2016 and June 2020. Each data row has two concentrations: one for grass (Poaceae) and one for all other pollens. For comparison with other data sets and between pollen seasons the data weeks start at July 1 each calendar year. Extra days at the end of the pollen year are included in week 52. Each data row has a collection period start date, the number of days within the collection period (7-9), and the number of days on which pollen was collected and summed (0-9). Concentrations represent only the number of days collected and not always the full collection period, as indicated.

Airborne pollen samples were collected using a volumetric continuous flow impaction sampler (Burkard Manufacturing, UK), stained with fuchsin and counted by light microscopy according to best practice described in the Australian Airborne Pollen and Spore Monitoring Network Interim Standard and Protocols (Version 2, 14 September 2018).

Data may be used for modelling and forecasting airborne grass, other, total pollen levels. Other uses include analysis of the effect of pollen levels on asthma and allergy presentations, or in inference of grass and other vegetation growth patterns. Data may also be used for evaluation of medium or long-term trends over time or comparison withpollen exposure levels between spatial distant locations.

Metadata about this and other AusPollen Aerobiology Collaboration Network monitoring sites is provided on the National Environmental Monitoring Site Register. Information about other pollen and spores monitored can be found by the AusPollen Aerobiology Collaboration Network Species Classification on the ARDC Research Vocabularies site.

AURIN has added latitude, longitude and spatialised geometry columns for each row based on the coordinates of the pollen samples. Periods over which no data is available are marked as null.


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Attribution National Health and Medical Research AusPollen Partnership Project, (2021): AusPollen - Weekly Pollen Count - Campbelltown, New South Wales (Point) July 2016 - June 2020; accessed from AURIN on [date of access].
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spatial {"type": "Polygon", "coordinates": [[[150.8056, -34.0721], [150.8056, -34.0721], [150.8056, -34.0721], [150.8056, -34.0721], [150.8056, -34.0721]]]}