Geoscape - Melbourne Buildings (Polygon) June 2022

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This dataset is the June 2022 release of Geoscape Planning for a single SA2 area (Melbourne) with SA2 code (21122).

Buildings is a spatial dataset which represents Australia's built environment derived from remotely sensed imagery and aggregated data sources. The Buildings dataset has relationships with the G-NAF, Cadastre, Property and Administrative Boundaries products produced by Geoscape Australia. Users should note that these related Geoscape products are not part of Buildings.

For more information regarding Geoscape Buildings, please refer to the Data Product Description and the June 2022 Release Notes.

Please note: As per the licence for this data, the coverage area accessed by you can not be greater than a single Level 2 Statistical Area (SA2) as defined by the Australian Bureau of Statistics. If you require additional data beyond a single SA2 for your research, please request a quote from AURIN.

Buildings is a digital dataset representing buildings across Australia. Data quality and potential capture timelines will vary across Australia based on two categories, each category has been developed based on a number of factors including the probability of the occurrence of natural events (e.g. flooding), population distribution and industrial/commercial activities. Areas with a population greater than 200, or with significant industrial/commercial activity in a visual assessment have been defined as 'Urban' and all other regions have been defined as 'Rural'. This dataset has been restricted to the Melbourne SA2 by AURIN.


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Last Updated June 28, 2023, 07:40 (UTC)
Created June 28, 2023, 07:40 (UTC)
ADP ID datasource-Geoscape-UoM_AURIN_DB:geoscape_melbourne_buildings_jun22
Access Level Academic Access by Agreement
Aggregation Level NA
Attribute List , Geometry, address_count, area, building_pid, building_review_date, building_source, capture_date, centroid_latitude, centroid_longitude, date_created, date_modified, eave_height, estimated_levels, geometry_quality, ground_elevation, ground_elevation_source, locality_pid, mesh_block_code, number_vertices, planning_zone, primary_roof_material, quality_class, roof_colour, roof_height, roof_shape, roof_type, solar_panel, solar_panel_review_date, state, swimming_pool_adjacent, swimming_pool_review_date, tree_overhang, volume
Attribution Geoscape, (2022): Geoscape - Melbourne Buildings (Polygon) June 2022; accessed from AURIN on [date of access].
Coordinate Ref. System EPSG:4283 (GDA_1994)
Copyright Notice © Geoscape 2022
Geometry Field wkb_geometry
Key ogc_fid
Type dataset
spatial {"type": "Polygon", "coordinates": [[[144.95, -37.82], [144.97, -37.82], [144.97, -37.81], [144.95, -37.81], [144.95, -37.82]]]}