NICTA - Household Travel Survey - Parts of NSW and QLD (LGA) 2011

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This dataset presents the national household travel survey. The data covers parts of New South Wales and Queensland, aggregated by Local Government Areas (LGA) for the year of 2011.

Data are collected by various states with different schema and harmonised by National Information Communications Technology Australia Ltd (NICTA).

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Last Updated June 28, 2023, 06:05 (UTC)
Created June 28, 2023, 06:05 (UTC)
ADP ID datasource-NICTA-UoM_AURIN_DB:nicta_household_travel_survey_lga_2011
Access Level Open Access
Aggregation Level lga2011
Attribute List , Age 0-4, Age 10-14, Age 15-19, Age 20-24, Age 25-29, Age 30-34, Age 35-39, Age 40-44, Age 45-49, Age 5-9, Age 50-54, Age 55-59, Age 60-64, Age 65+, Average Distance By Vehicle Per Person, Average Distance Per Person, Average Household Bicycles, Average Household Distance, Average Household Persons, Average Household Vehicles, Average Travel Time Per Person, Average Trip Distance, Average Trip Time, Average Trip Time (Non-Work), Average Trip Time (Work), Average Weekday Household Trips, Average Weekday Trips, Average Weekday Trips Per Person, Average Weekend Household Trips, Average Weekend Trips, Average Weekend Trips Per Person, Daily Distance By Vehicles, Daily Travel Distance, Distance As Companion, Distance As Driver, Distance As Passenger, Distance As Walker, Distance At Home, Distance By Airplane, Distance By Bus, Distance By Bus, Distance By Others, Distance By Taxi, Distance By Train, Distance By Tram, Distance Changing Mode, Distance For Education, Distance For Goods, Distance For Others, Distance For Own Business, Distance For Person, Distance For Recreation, Distance For Shopping, Distance For Social, Distance For Unknown Purposes, Distance For Work, Female Population, Geometry, Household Number, LGA Area, LGA Code, LGA Name, Male Population, Median Household Bicycles, Median Household Persons, Median Household Vehicles, Medium Distance By Vehicle Per Person, Medium Distance Per Person, Medium Household Distance, Medium Travel Time Per Person, Medium Trip Distance, Medium Trip Time, Medium Trip Time (Non-Work), Medium Trip Time (Work), Medium Weekday Household Trips, Medium Weekday Trips, Medium Weekday Trips Per Person, Medium Weekend Household Trips, Medium Weekend Trips, Medium Weekend Trips Per Person, Number Of Bicycles, Time Accompanying Someone, Time As Driver, Time As Passenger, Time As Walker, Time By Airplane, Time By Bus, Time By Bus, Time By Others, Time By Taxi, Time By Train, Time By Tram, Time Changing Mode, Time For Education, Time For Goods, Time For Other Purposes, Time For Own Business, Time For Persons, Time For Recreation, Time For Shopping, Time For Social, Time For Unknown Purposes, Time For Work, Total Population, Travel Time (At Home), Vehicle Number, Year
Attribution National Information Communications Technology Australia Ltd, (2014): NICTA - Household Travel Survey - Parts of NSW and QLD (LGA) 2011; accessed from AURIN on [date of access].
Coordinate Ref. System EPSG:4283 (GDA_1994)
Copyright Notice © National Information Communications Technology Australia Ltd 2011
Geometry Field wkb_geometry
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Type dataset
spatial {"type": "Polygon", "coordinates": [[[146.14, -35.64], [153.55, -35.64], [153.55, -18.92], [146.14, -18.92], [146.14, -35.64]]]}