SA DIS - Traineeships by Vocation - Completions (Postcode) 2016

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The dataset contains South Australian Traineeships completion data by Vocation for each postcode.

The individual records in the original data were aggregated by the Adelaide Data Hub to represent annual statistics by Apprenticeship and Qualification, Apprenticeship and Vocation, Traineeship and Qualification, Traineeship and Vocation, with the option of filtering by gender.

Completion data provides a list of all apprentices and trainees who have successfully completed their Training Contract. Data are provided approximately three months in arrears, for the preceding 12 month period.

The postcode attribute represents the employer's worksite where the apprentice/trainee received their on-job training.

Source: The data was downloaded from and spatialised by the Adelaide Data Hub to show yearly Apprenticeship qualifications for each postcode. The data was spatialised using South Australian suburbs boundaries which was dissolved to reflect the postcode boundaries.


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Last Updated June 28, 2023, 06:33 (UTC)
Created June 28, 2023, 06:33 (UTC)
ADP ID datasource-SA_Govt_DIS-ADH:adh_dis_sa_dis_compl_trainee_voc_pcode_2016
Access Level Open Access
Aggregation Level NA
Attribute List Aged Care Worker, Animal Attendant, Asset Maintenance, Automotive Air Conditioning Serviceperson, Automotive Electrical Component Installer, Automotive Serviceperson, Automotive Tyre Fitter, Beautician, Bicycle Mechanic, Bookkeeper, Builder, Cablemaker, Call Centre Team Leader, Cement Production Plant Operator, Child Care Aide, Children's Services Worker, Civil Construction And Maintenance Worker, Civil Construction and Maintenance Worker - Supervisor, Clerical Officer (Legal Administration), Clerical Officer (Medical Administration), Clerical Officer (Office Administration), Clerical Processing (Office Administration), Community Worker, Concreter, Correctional Officer, Customer Service Provider (Community Pharmacy Operations), Customer Service Provider (General Retail), Customer Servicing (Automotive Sales), Customer Servicing (Financial Institutions), Customer Servicing (Real Estate Operations - Sales), Disability Worker, Drilling, Engineering Production Employee Level III, Engineering Technician, Enrolled Nurse, Entertainment Industry Worker, Environment Worker, Event Assistant, Existing Worker In A Trade Or Declared Vocation, Extractive Industries Operator, Farm Operation, Farming, Financial Services Officer, Firefighter and Emergency Operator, Firefighting Supervisor, Food And Beverage Attendant, Forest Products Operators, Frontline Manager, Gender, General Foods Processing, Geometry, Guest Services Attendant, Health Administration Worker, Health Ancillary Worker (Dental Assistant), Health Support Worker, Horticulture, Information Technology, Laboratory Technician, Local Government Officer, Logistics Administration Officer, Machine Operating - Polymer Processing, Management, Manager, Marine Engine Driver Grade 2, Master 4 Skipper Grade 2, Meat Inspector, Meat Processor (Abattoirs), Meat Processor (Boning Operations), Meat Slicer, Object ID, Occupational Health And Safety Officer, Office Administrator Vehicle Service Centre, Personal Servicing Worker (Aged Care), Personal Servicing Worker (Disability), Postcode, Pre-Press Operations, Process Plant Operator, Production Support Operator, Production Systems Employee, Quality Assurance Monitor/Officer, Racing Operations, Rail Transport (Train Operations), Recreation Industry Worker, Regulatory Services Officer, Retail Executive (General Retail), Retail Manager (General Retail), Road Transport Operator, Scaffolder, School Assistant, Senior Customer Services Representative, Service Station Attendant, Slaughter Floor Operator, Spatial Information, Storeworker, Sub-Assistant (Electrotechnology), Surface Preparation and Coating Tradesperson, Team Leader - Laundry Operator, Telecommunications Installing, Total, Tourism Marketing Coordinator, Tourism Sales Consultant, Tourism Sales Coordinator, Tourist Park Operator, Trades Assistant (Security Systems), Training Officer, Travel Consultant, Vehicle Body Repair Assistant, Veterinary Nursing (Level 1), Water Industry Operator, Wholesale Service Provider (General Retail), Wine Industry Worker
Attribution Government of South Australia - Department for Innovation and Skills, (2020): SA DIS - Traineeships by Vocation - Completions (Postcode) 2016; accessed from AURIN on [date of access].
Coordinate Ref. System EPSG:4283 (GDA_1994)
Copyright Notice © Government of South Australia - Department for Innovation and Skills 2020
Geometry Field geom
Type dataset
spatial {"type": "Polygon", "coordinates": [[[128.94, -38.12], [141.06, -38.12], [141.06, -25.94], [128.94, -25.94], [128.94, -38.12]]]}