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VIC CSA - Crime Statistics - Criminal Incidents by Principal Offence (LGA) 2010-2019

This dataset presents the footprint of the number of criminal incidents by principal offence recorded on the Victoria Police Law Enforcement Assistance Program (LEAP). A recorded criminal incident is a criminal event that may include multiple offences, alleged offenders and/or victims that is recorded on the LEAP database on a single date and at one location. The data spans the years ending March in the period of 2010 to 2019 and is aggregated to 2011 Australian Statistical Geography Standard (ASGS) Local Government Areas (LGA).

The CSA recorded crime collection includes all offences that are reported to, and detected by, Victoria Police and recorded on the LEAP database. The scope and coverage of the data, however, is not representative of all crime that occurs in Victoria. Some crimes may not be recorded on LEAP, not be reported to police, or the responsibility for responding to certain offences may lie with another agency. Recorded criminal incident data are compiled on the basis of the date that the incident was created on the LEAP database, rather than the date the incident was detected by, or reported to police. The creation date may not be the date when the incident occurred, or the date when the incident came to the attention of police.

For further information about this dataset and related statistics, visit the data source: Crime Statistics Australia:

Please note:

  • AURIN has spatially enabled the original data:
  • Recorded crime statistics are based on data extracted by Victoria police on the 18th day after the reference period, and are subject to movement between releases.
  • The criminal incidents in the dataset are grouped according to the CSA offence classification.
  • The data excludes criminal incidents recorded at Justice institutions and immigration facilities, Unincorporated Victoria and where the geographic location is unknown or outside of Victoria.
  • To maintain confidentiality, sensitive criminal incident counts for subdivisions 'A10 Homicide and related offences' and 'A30 Sexual offences' with a value of 1 to 3 are given a value of 2 to calculate totals.

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Aggregation Level lga2011
Attribute List A10 Homicide and related offence, A20 Assault and related offences, A30 Sexual offences, A40 Abduction and related offences, A50 Robbery, A60 Blackmail and extortion, A70 Stalking, harassment and threatening behaviour, A80 Dangerous and negligent acts endangering people, B10 Arson, B20 Property damage, B30 Burglary/Break and enter, B40 Theft, B50 Deception, B60 Bribery, C10 Drug dealing and trafficking, C20 Cultivate or manufacture drugs, C30 Drug use and possession, C90 Other drug offences, D10 Weapons and explosives offences, D20 Disorderly and offensive conduct, D30 Public nuisance offences, D40 Public security offences, E10 Justice procedures, E20 Breaches of orders, F10 Regulatory driving offences, F20 Transport regulation offences, F30 Other government regulatory offences, F90 Miscellaneous offences, Geometry, LGA Code, LGA Name, Reference Period, Total offence count: (A), Total offence count: (B), Total offence count: (C), Total offence count: (D), Total offence count: (E), Total offence count: (F)
Attribution Government of Victoria - Crime Statistics Agency, (2019): VIC CSA - Crime Statistics - Criminal Incidents by Principal Offence (LGA) 2010-2019; accessed from AURIN on [date of access].
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